Operation Rolling Thunder
and ISIS.

Operation Rolling Thunder was our misguided attempt to dissuade North Vietnam from supplying guerrillas of the National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam (NLF) who were attempting to topple the American friendly and American supported South Vietnamese Government. 864,000 tons of American bombs had been dropped on North Vietnam during …

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What were they thinking?

10 members of Congress took trip secretly funded by foreign government — BY SCOTT HIGHAM, STEVEN RICH AND ALICE CRITES, Washington Post Lawmakers and their staff members received hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of travel expenses, silk scarves, crystal tea sets and Azerbaijani rugs valued at $2,500 to $10,000, according …

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Wait. How about our 17 captured airmen taken to Cuba for “experimentation in torture techniques?”

I had totally forgotten about this until reminded by my wife this morning. Just as establishing relations with Vietnam left questions about POW/MIAs here is another example of our government not demanding answers before getting cozy with a rogue country. Whatever one thinks of President Barack Obama’s overtures to Cuba and …

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