Illegal immigrants are afraid . . . boo hoo

Then go home!  “U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents’ use of the word “police” during the raids, which yielded more than 200 arrests last week, is leading to mistrust between immigrants and local law enforcement, said advocates who held a news conference Friday to speak against the practice.” (AP) Hmmm, …

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The Huffington Post – a very dark place

I happen to stumble into the trash heap called The Huffington Post following a link about the Black Water guys that were killed in Baghdad. That has to be one of the sorriest sites on the internet. Not only does it prove how little Miss Arianna knows (one of those educated …

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The last soldier killed

I think Iraq will be over this year. Either we will whip Sadr, smile and leave or, alternatively Malaki will not live up to his end of the bargin (more likely) and we leave. The question is how many die while the options work themselves out. Who was the last …

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