The four types of people who make up the world.

There are only four types of people in the world. Good guys, Idiots, Assholes and Fruit loops.

  • We know who the good guys and girls are and thank goodness we are not out-numbered. Yet. Most people are good guys. Some might be more good but that doesn’t make them better. A good guy may sometimes say something idiotic but that does not make the good guy an idiot. A good guy cannot become an asshole or fruit loop.
  • Idiots are just that. Easy to identify by their actions or what they say. They really don’t like to be idiotic but most of the time they don’t know they are an idiot. Sometimes they might even think they are a good guy. It is not unknown for an idiot to become a good guy by having an epiphany. Many idiots find employment in government although is not to say all government workers are idiots. Idiots are often referred to as morons.
  • Assholes are also easy to identify by their actions or what they say. But unlike idiots they do it on purpose. A person can be born an asshole or become one by hanging out with other assholes. An asshole can never become a good guys. The good guys won’t allow that to happen. They sometimes find employment in authoritarian positions. Assholes do not make good neighbors or friends and there is no known cure. An asshole’s life span is usually much shorter than that of a good guy or idiot.
  • Fruit loops are some times recognizable although they have a tendency to hide. While not all of them do, dancing in the street while singing and shooting guns in the air is a dead give-away. They have made a conscious choice to become a fruit loop and they would like everyone to be a fruit loop. A person who is a fruit loop is in no way connected to General Mills Fruit Loops cereal although all four types of people eat the cereal. Sometimes they assemble in large public squares and goose-step. Many fruit loops believe anything is edible. They often make very colorful and exaggerated threats. There is no known cure for being a fruit loop and you should stay far away from them if possible.

If I have offended any good guy or idiot I apologize. If I offended any asshole or fruit loop tough caca.

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