What do I need to carry (do) about first aid?

The very first thing any RV’er or camper should do is learn CPR. If the family is camping everyone should learn CPR.  Next you should take a basic first aid course. You should have the CPR/First Aid even if you are not camping or traveling.

What kind of camper are you? Do you always stay at a commercial campground like KOA? Or do you hang out in state or National Parks? Where you go or where you might go will dictate what you need for first aid.

You can buy a complete first aid kit or you can create your own.  I created my own so I could cut down on duplication and  unnecessary items. I also camp in the boonies (one hour or more from the Emergency Medical System) and I am a California EMT so I pack a little different than most. Still, I have the basics. The first is a CPR mask used for giving CPR.

Next you need some bandages (not band-aids!) to stop any bleeding. A common size is 3″ x 4″. These are placed on a wound and with pressure applied, are for stopping bleeding. To hold them in place some gauze bandages. And sure some band-aids for the minor scrapes are fine along with  Polysporin. 

Next I’ll put some information here about other things you need in your kit like splints, burn treatments, tourniquets and more.

And for a quick review, here is a short demonstration of how to do CPR.

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