An American idiot IMHO

This is Jack Scott. He is the Mayor of a little town in Alabama, Cordova, recently hit by two tornadoes. The town lost the Piggly Wiggly, both banks and city hall. City hall is currently operating out of a small single wide trailer as are both banks. Of course, that is against the law in Cordova. Single wide trailers are banned in Cordova. Double-wides are ok but, by golly, you have to draw the line somewhere and Jack the Mayor is a staunch defender of the line. And as far as the city using the single wides, Jack said the city can use small trailers because it’s for the common good. No comment about the banks

And when FEMA wanted to provide trailers for storm victims who are living in tents or the remains of their shattered homes they were informed the law would not allow it. Neither will Jack, who says that he doesn’t want run-down mobile homes parked all over town a few years from now.

pictureofidiot“I don’t feel guilty,” he said.
“I can look anyone in the eye,” says Jack.

We are surrounded by them you know. Contributors to the gene pool that should have been removed long ago. Maybe they are aliens. In any case they seem to be growing in numbers. I am sure more will be showing up on this blog.

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