It has been an amazing week

First I was notified by Rev. Jonas Cooper, Director, Special Duties UNO/WBF, that they have $15 million ready (in a box) to ship to me.

Secondly, I was notified by Prince NII Amugi II Jr., that he needed my assistance to bring $14.6 million dollars to the US and I would receive a large part of that for my effort.

And finally, Mrs Rose James, on her deathbed in the Netherlands wants me to accept $6 million dollars to invest.

And as icing on the cake,

  • International Power Ball has $500k for me
  • The Irish lottery has $4million + in Euros for me
  • The Microsoft Lottery has £500,000 for me

So I have decided to give up my ramblings and postings here. The new site, will be up in the next week or so. There you will still be subject to my pithy comments, perfectly logical thoughts, and occasionally dry, witty humor. And as we are now exceedingly wealthy, stories and photos of the adventures to come.

I won’t close this site as it is a repository of much data on Islamic Terrorism but I will not be updating. I do reserve the right to come back should an appropriate reason arise.

My best to those who defend us . . .

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