What’s in a name? How about wolf or rat?

The global terrorist threat has entered a “new phase,” where media-savvy Islamist extremists are successfully drawing lone wolf attackers to their cause, the US secretary of Homeland Security warned Sunday.

Lone Rat
I wish I could with the stroke of a pen or a wiggle of the nose change the designation of a terrorist(s) acting alone from lone wolf to lone rat.

Rat describes these ***wipes much more clearly than Wolf.

What is the reflex move when you see a rat? You want to kill it. It’s dirty, ugly and gross and with that long naked tail, did I say dirty, ugly and gross? And when it sees you, it runs away.

Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf

While the Lone Wolf is just trying to find someone so it won’t be alone. It’s not dirty and (In my eyes.) not ugly. And when it sees you, it won’t necessarily run away. In fact he may come at you.

So lets start thinking about who these fruit loops really are . . . lone rats!


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