Stolen valor. Active duty LTC Gerald Green, a legend in his own mind, fired from Warrior Training Center.

LTC Gerald H. Green III

This guy is a real piece of work.

A LTC, Engineer Branch and head-honcho for the War Training Center at Fort Benning, Georgia caught wearing decorations he did not earn. I would think his Sergeant Major or some po’d National Guardsman would have ferreted him out.

The unearned badges and medals.

  • Ranger tab
  • Sapper tab
  • Combat Action Badge
  • Army Commendation Metal with Valor
  • Air Assault Wings*
  • Expert Infantry Badge
  • Presidential Unit Citation

This went on from a least 2004 or before. It amazes me that no one noticed. What a jerk.

Charges? Looks like just an Article 15 which is a non-judicial punishment in the United States Armed Forces. Non-judicial punishment permits commanders to administratively discipline troops without a court-martial. Punishment can range from reprimand to  reduction in rank, correctional custody, loss of pay, extra duty, and/or restrictions. The receipt of non-judicial punishment does not constitute a criminal conviction (it is equivalent to a misdemeanor), but is often placed in the service record of the individual.

I would have him drawn and quartered but that’s just me.

*Dropped out of training twice.

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