Why are we still wasting time in Afghanistan?

An Afghan woman, Farkhunda, was beaten with sticks and stones, dragged by a car and then thrown onto the bank of the Kabul River and set afire by men.

Why? Because they believed an Imam who said she had burned the Koran.

What we know. Farkhunda was a devout Muslim, 27 years old, who graduated from a local religious school and was preparing to begin classes in the Islamic Studies department of Kabul University. She was, in traditional dress, lecturing a a local mullah who was known for selling charms to women outside a shrine in central Kabul. She thought he was taking advantage of the poor.

He or someone accused her of burning the Koran. She said, “I am a Muslim and Muslims do not burn the Koran.”

And there you have it. Just an accusation of a woman was enough to get her beaten, stoned, dragged and burned. In Afghanistan. By men.

We won’t change this.

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