Trump and the media.

They just can’t stand it. It wasn’t supposed to happen. They said so. Many times. Just a flash in the pan. He won’t last two weeks, ad naseum. From yesterdays Washington Post , July 24, 2016 • Trump is following the path of despots • Trump just set the table for Clinton …

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Bring back the Malboro Man

In the “good old days” television news was sponsored by tobacco, alcohol and automobiles – “Drive your Chevrolet across the USA . . .” tra, la, la. Now it is all about drugs. Drugs for upset stomach (Tums!! Get a grip. The food slapping someone around is stupid and has …

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Afghanistan? Iraq? Where did they go?

Apparently while I wasn’t looking the war(s) is over and everyone is home, happy, mission accomplished, and yahooooo! Last night on the news, nothing. Today I checked, Yahoo, MSN where apparently Charlie Sheen (what a dip-shit) wants more money and Bieber (comment reserved) is having a birthday party, Fox News …

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