I have ‘lil’ use for Lil’ Wayne.

Easy to identify by their actions or what they say. They really don’t like to be idiotic but most of the time they don’t know they are an idiot. Sometimes they might even think they are a good guy. It is not unknown for an idiot to become a good guy by having an epiphany. Many idiots find employment in government although is not to say all government workers are idiots.

They are just movies!

Former Canadian Ambassador to Iran, Ken Taylor and some other Canadians,  apparently  had their feelings hurt by Argo because it made (in their view) Canada look like just an observer to the US actions that took place in Iran. After the Academy Awards speech by Ben Affleck, in which he mentioned Canada, they were mollified. …

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Sorry, Cokes Super Bowl ad is not racist

[jwplayer mediaid=”7688″] Coke’s Super Bowl ad shows a race across the desert with cowboys, showgirls, and outlanders, and arabs with camels. Warren David, the president of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, has said that the commercial was indeed racist. Well David old boy, you see arab is not a race. That …

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Aurora – will we finally wake up?

Like many, I will not mention the shooter’s name. I will just call him Fruitloop. Like many I hope we learn and apply the lessons learned in this tragedy. Like many, I am terribly saddened by what happened. My daughter lives in Aurora close to the theater. She could have …

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