Tomorrow’s big speech

Tomorrow President Bush will tell America what he intends to do to save the situation in Iraq. At the end of his speech I think the naysayer’s will remain on the nay side and those who still think we may have a chance will feel a little better. 

And the plan will probably work if we can finally get rid of Sadr and those like him. The tribal loyalties and the militias have always been a great problem along with a weak government. “Once more into the breach dear friends . . . .”

Why do we need to win? Because losing tactically will be an enormous strategic loss. Israel all ready had a loss or draw if you prefer, with Hamas. For American to suffer a loss would put us in a very dark corner for years.

That part of the world only understands power. If they can lie and negotiate for it they will.  If they have to use terrorism, they will. And with losses by both Israel and the US they will be once again tempted to use a military solution. The ultimate goal(s) – wipe out Israel and bring Shira law to the west. 

We need to come out of Iraq at a time we choose with Baghdad secure. Then it can go to hell.

He’s Zuned out

Several of us got the new Microsoft Zune for Christmas. It is a great music and movie (yep, I got all of the Lord of the Rings on mine) player. Now everyone is walking around with ear buds in and the house is very quiet. Kinda nice.

The greatest thing about these devices is the music that is available. For a relative small fee you can download all the music you want – talk about a trip to the past. Almost any artist I wanted (or remembered) is there. Like the Animals, Beach Boys, Kingston Trio (now that is going back). My nephew is downloading the new songs and artists and some are not bad at all.