Driving Skills 101. Merging

mergeIn Kindergarten we learned to merge. Every other one . . . one-by-one . . . first one, then the other , etc. But by the time we are adults we forget and become cheaters. Cutting in line, refusing to merge, driving blindly ahead oblivious to the sounds of horns, brakes and crashes behind us.

The signs used to say “yield.” Yield? YIELD? No way I am yielding to anyone!  And so it begins. Especially on weekends it seems to me. “Sunday drivers” comes to mind. Or “furinors.” NASCAR on the “580.”

It is just math. If the vehicle in the driving lane is going faster than you – slow down. If it is going slower – speed up. And watch them. Things might change.

Oh, and how about trying to enter the freeway at the posted speed. Don’t enter a 65 mph freeway at 35 mph – what the hell are you trying to do? Become familiar with the term accelerate and how it may apply to you.

My other peeve (Other? Does that imply just one? That’s not right.). A long line of cars entering the freeway bumper to bumper. Really, try to think about something other than baseball or your jerk boss. Space it out. Remember, every other one.

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