$.60 off diesel price

Safeway gives fuel discounts that are earned by grocery shopping. Lately they have doubled the debbiefuelprices2points of some items. If I shop carefully, I can end up like this – with a 60 cents (or more) discount on fuel.

I know they are not losing money and I could most likely, get the groceries cheaper but it is great to have a visual reward like the fuel price on the dispenser.

The $3.17 price was in Bakersfield. It was taken August 13, 2007 on our way to Yellowstone. We were participating in the Great Scavenger Hunt and a picture of the lowest price for gasoline we could find was on the list. One of us had to be in every picture. At that time we had the VW bus and used gasoline. The next year we got the Dfuel diesel fueled Sprinter. The picture of the diesel pump price was taken on August 13, 2013, and the advertised price was $3.95 per gallon.