Up-to-date mileage numbers

Note: This is a Sportsmobile Sprinter 2500, high roof and 144″ wheelbase with a 3.0L diesel.

Most of the fuel involved comes from the same pump and nozzle. This is with all gear, most food and all water.

17.1; 16.7; 18.8; 18.7; 17.4; 14.3; 16.8; 15.6; 17.9 for an average of 17.03.

Most numbers are a combination of city/California freeway with freeway speeds from 65 to 70 mostly 65. The last 3 were with a Scangauge installed posting MAP and MPG. I only look at the MPG as the MAP numbers seem useless.

The high numbers were 95% freeway miles.

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