SMB Sprinter passes another benchmark

This weekend the bus passed the all important “Kid’s Test” – you know, where they use it as a fort, to play house, raid Grandpa’s snacks, open and explore every drawer and cabinet at least three times. And don’t forget, flush the toilet, drink all the cold water in the refrigerator, turn on the fan and want to spend the night by themselves . . . No way on that one!

So it went. We played monster where I was the monster and 3 little girls were trying to keep out of the bus (Sprinter). Of course, I had the key and lock control – there are 4 doors and only 3 of them which resulted in a lot of high-pitched screams and me trying to hide my laugher.

The most coveted seat when we went somewhere was not, of course, next to Grandpa. It was the marine toilet! I have to have seat belts added for that!

Now I think we are about ready for Alaska. Most system tests have been done. Need to clean up the windows and all the Goldfish crumbs, restock and we are looking good for lift-off in T-37 days.

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