Attention getter in South Carolina

Wow! That was impressive. People are probably more fed up than usual and apparently see Obama as a vehicle for change.

I think it would be sad to be a politician. Remember when Bush Sr. went into a grocery store and didn’t know what a scanner was? They don’t drive themselves as far as I know. Can you see Bill and Hillary hoping into their Sprinter and heading off to camp?

They miss the camping that you and I get to do quite often. They miss the smells, sounds, chill at night, smoke from the campfire, roasting marshmallows, etc. No wonder most politicians turn out to be idiots. They are not grounded. They have lost touch with sitting around a fire at night. They have lost touch with all that that makes life worth while as far as I am concerned.

That gives them an excuse but it is not a pass. What they need to do is stop the dinners and fundraising and air-kissing and phony smiles. What they need to do is to hit the woods, catch a bass or a trout, spend the night in a sleeping bag with a root digging them in the back. Find what they have lost. Only then will I trust any of them.

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