A new horn. Again.

Pursuit of the right sound for the horn has been on-going since I first heard the Sprinter’s stock horn which sounded something like beep beep..

The second horn was a Hella Supertones. The third was a Bad Bays and the next was a Compact Italian Big Truck Sound Air Horn. After that was another one, the one I had until today. I know, I am weird but not totally. One was damaged by water so it had to be replaced. See?

Anyway, that was a lot louder and worked really well. Then I saw this horn
advertised and decided to give it a go. It sounds like this. The tone is much lower and I think sounds more like a diesel truck.

Of course the final judge will be the people I use it on and their reaction. I find myself most of the time using the horn as a weapon. It seems the harder I hit the steering wheel the louder the sound and the more satisfaction I get.

I heading out to try it. Presley needs some new treats and I know between here and the pet store some idiot will do something idiotic!

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  1. Changed the horn back to the Compact Italian Big Truck Sound Air Horn. I don’t think they are made any more. Turns out it is 139 dB while the Bad Max is only 123.5 dB.

    By the way, no where on the packaging does the Bad Max list the decibels. On Amazon it it shows it.

    Note to me: Read the small print.


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