Dolphin Browser 9.3.2

Here is the latest version (9.3.2) for the Kindle FireHD 8.9 as of a couple of days ago.


Clicking on the graphic will take you to a download site in the cloud.

NOTE: The file was taken off dropbox. I am not sure why. It is a free browser. Get it here,

This browser works on the Kindle FireHD 8.9. It has not been tested on any other type of Kindle. Flash works with this browser.

3 thoughts on “Dolphin Browser 9.3.2”

  1. I really appreciate your putting this on the internet, some guy on Amazon said he installed Dolphin’s Browser on his 8.9 Kindle Tablet, but did not tell monkeys like me how to do it, Rick Mallory Jr. I will definitely let people on Amazon know about your site, nothing against him, but let people know how to do it.

    Thank You,

    John Gray

  2. I just tried to download Dolphin Browser 9.3.2. I could not. After clicking the Dolphin, it took me to DorpBox. Statement on this page this said that due to a takedown request from Digital Milllennium Copywrite Act this was no longer available. Now what do I do to download the Dolphin Browser? Thank you for your help.


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