Aurora – will we finally wake up?

Like many, I will not mention the shooter’s name. I will just call him Fruitloop. Like many I hope we learn and apply the lessons learned in this tragedy. Like many, I am terribly saddened by what happened. My daughter lives in Aurora close to the theater. She could have been there. I have a nephew in Denver. He could have been there.

What was reported.

The “Joker” in Batman has green hair. I don’t know the reason for Fruitloop’s hair to be orange but it has nothing to do with the “Joker.” It was also reported that the Fruitloop had a 100 round drum magazine but the pictures of his weapons showed the what looks to be the normal 20-30 round magazine (in Colorado you can only buy a 20 rd. magazine) for the M4. It was also reported he had 9,000 rounds of ammunition (as in he was carrying it). Pretty hard to do that even for a Fruitloop. He wouldn’t have been able to move. Now the “assault weapon” – by current slang, and some laws the M4 is a assault weapon but it still requires one to pull the trigger (semi-automatic) for every round fired.  It is not like the military assault rifle capable of firing multiple rounds with one trigger pull. Can you convert a civilian M4 to fire fully automatic – yes, but you can’t buy one at your local gun store and the odds the Fruitloop converted it are not very good.

The conspiracy and other theories (Of course there is one!).

You haven’t heard this yet? There are people out there that believe that this was staged by the government to give them more reasons to dump the 2nd Amendment. They believe the Fruitloop was given something that altered his mind and given money to buy the guns and “military grade” protective gear.

Then there is the one that thinks this was all done for his doctorate (one of his classes was, Biological Basis of Psychiatric and Neurological Disorders) and he will publish a paper on how he committed mass murder and got away with it. As detailed as he planned the assault, he has with no doubt planned his defense.

What I hope comes from this.

I was raised in Colorado. I was a hunter for years. I have owned many guns. I still own guns. It is my strong belief that no one, for any reason needs a semi-automatic weapon to hunt with – they are inherently dangerous and too easy to be mindlessly used against people. As for the M4, AR15 or whatever you want to call it, no real hunter would ever use it to hunt. The bullet is too light. There is no reason to sell these weapons (including the AK-47 semi-automatic) except to appeal to someone’s ego, help Johnny lie about his military experience, and put money in someone’s pocket.  Most people picture the assault rifle as a full-automatic – rock and roll because that is what they see in the movies. They think something semi-automatic is in the kitchen somewhere and the press doesn’t even try to explain it – most of them probably don’t know the difference.

I am against any semi-automatic rifle, which includes “assault weapons.” I am against any semi-automatic shotguns. They should be considered Class 3 weapons so yes, you could still buy one but only if you meet those much stricter requirements. The Fruitloop wouldn’t have met the requirements.

Now, how about ammunition. Why would anyone want so much ammo? Yes, there are the ones preparing for the Apocalypse. Actually I’m not worried about them at all. They are defensive not offensive. I am defensive not offensive. I have a partially filled 50 rd. box of 9mm – the rest is in the two magazines that came with the pistol. I have 2 boxes (10 rounds) of shotgun ammo. That is all I need. If I get in a situation where twenty rounds of 9mm and 5 rounds of 12 gauge are not enough I’ll be running not shooting! If I am going for target practice, I buy what I am going to use at the range. Would I store 6,000 rounds? Hell no! First ammo does age, and second, where would I put it and third, that’s like $1200.

But do I want a ceiling put on how much I can have? No. What if there is an ammo sale or I am going to the Alaska arctic for 5 months. Maybe there should be a report though after a certain amount is purchased like the $10,000 bank transaction report.

I am not a “gun control person” as some are depicted. I am a firm believer in the 2nd Amendment. I believe in open carry and I have a Utah CCW permit but I am against have guns and ammunition so readily available that anyone can arm themselves like a SWAT team.

I don’t belong to the NRA and find their rhetoric illogical and ill-conceived as is the message from some on the other side. But we must come together with some sensible laws that will satisfy both sides. We could if we would just stop shouting long enough to really hear what the other guy is saying and be willing to compromise. We can if we overcome that current “all or none” philosophy practiced by so many.


Twelve is a horrible number of deaths. Yet consider the Middle East.  Twelve would be a small number although just as horrible. Security is a way of life. They are used to living in danger with metal detectors, searches, mirrors looking under cars for bombs, curfews, check-points, chicanes to slow traffic, neighborhoods sealed off and protected with barbed wire, T-walls and local guards.

Here we have freedom. We give up 12 citizens here, 40 there, maybe more there, sometimes less. At what point do we ever compromise or re-define our freedom to save our society? I think that time will come. Sooner than later.


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