And what about Fido (Presley)

foodincpictureAfter watching Food, Inc. this week I have been thinking more about food. I know, when am I not thinking about food? Anyway, we eat a pretty good diet. I am pescetarian and we eat everything that can be bought fresh and organic is from several farmer’s markets and Whole Foods. The documentary was pretty much just confirming what I know except for the part about Monsanto and seeds (shameless if true).

Trips to the new vet this week has very timely brought up the pets diets. Since the latest problem with chicken jerky treats from China and after reading just a little of the info on the web, I have decided our pet’s diets are horrible! I think they would be better off eating small portions from MacDonald’s than the crap we have been feeding them.

So, I downloaded Dinner Pawsible to my Kindle and I plan to become the Chef Ramsey of dog and cat cuisine at least as far as Presley, BammBamm and Pebbles are concerned. From the book . . .

Remember the doggie bag? Pet parents used to bring part of their steak or chicken home to their dog or cat. Just a couple of generations ago, people fed their pets the very same foods the rest of the family ate. So why did we stop doing that? Because we were told that ‘people food’ bookdinnerpawsiblewasn’t healthy for our pets. Why? Is there a scientific reason why ‘people food’ such as chicken, beef, fish, or fresh vegetables wouldn’t be healthy for our cat or dog? No; there was no scientific reason then, and there isn’t now.

That makes a lot of sense to me and besides, I remember the “doggie” bag actually being for the dog! We actually tried this when we first got Presley with not-so-good results but I was using some recipes from the web (What? And they were bad? But they were on the web!). Hopefully Presley has forgotten those first few meals and is ready to try again. He does love pasta and risotto and chicken from Baja Fresh so it should be good.

I’ll let you know.

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