The nut doesn’t fall far from the tree

The son of Oscar-winning director Oliver Stone, converted to Islam last week in a ceremony in central Iran.

Sean Stone became a Shiite Muslim in the city of Esfahan Tuesday and chose Ali as his new Islamic name, the semi-official Fars News Agency reported.

“The conversion to Islam is not abandoning Christianity or Judaism, which I was born with,” Stone told Fars News Agency. “It means I have accepted Mohammad and other prophets.”

If Ali really thinks coverting to Isam is not abandoning Christianity or Judaism then he better pick up a copy of the Quran or Cliff’s Notes and do a quick read. He will find that by converting he accepts that Islam is the only true religion and “God is One”, that complete “surrender” to Him is the only way acceptable to God.

I am not sure of the reason he is in Iran – he seems to like it there. He has defended Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as “really misunderstood.”

Ok. Yeah. Sure.`

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