And now your kid’s lunchbox is subject to search and seizure

From Sara Burrows, Carolina Journal Online

State agent inspects sack lunches, forces preschoolers to purchase cafeteria food instead

A preschooler at West Hoke Elementary School ate three chicken nuggets for lunch January 30 because a state employee told her the lunch her mother packed was not nutritious.

The girl’s turkey and cheese sandwich, banana, potato chips, and apple juice did not meet U.S. Department of Agriculture guidelines, according to the interpretation of the agent who was inspecting all lunch boxes that day.

This comes about because of a regulation created by a bureaucrat at The Division of Child Development and tweekieEarly Education at the Department of Health and Human Services. ( wow, like to see the acronym for that). Not a law, voted on by the people following discussion, but a regulation decided upon because someone thinks parents aren’t capable of packing their child’s lunch correctly. Maybe some parents would pack a “bad” lunch. After all, maybe they don’t love their kid or just want them to be fat.

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