It was a great baseball season and for the last three days a great party.

We are lucky we live about 35 minutes from the Oakland A’s. The bus makes an excellent tailgate vehicle with all the comforts of home. The last 3 days I have left early to get parking at the Coliseum and Debbie has been BARTing to meet me after work.

And what a party! Sold out every night with crazy, loud, yellow towel waving Oakland A’s fans and we were lucky to be there. The results – we lost. I am hoarse, tired and a little hung over but we saw some great baseball, did the Bernie, high-fived and hugged, stood 12 deep in line to pee, and got some new shirts and pins. What a run. Who wood have thunk? And even though we lost the Division Title we won the ALDS West and have one more divisions than any other team except the New York Yankee and the Atlanta Braves.

“Come for the game and stay for the pie” – The Bernie” – What will the 2013 bring? 175 days to go!

Now, it is time for “Winter Keith” and “Winter Debbie” (Fever Pitch 2005). Back to mowing the lawn and trying to keep up with the Jones. Time to start trying to remember grandkids birthdays. Sometime during the long winter evenings we’ll watch Fever Pitch again and in the spring start singing Centerfield with John Fogerty.


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