Back in the US, day 30

Customs at Canada/US border. We put some miles on today. Crossing the border took about an hour do to lines. Just before you go over you can change all your Canadian money for US. Customs were easy the entire trip.
Customs at Canada/US border. After crossing into the US we drove through Bellingham and past Exit 250 where just a short time ago (it seemed) we had turned to find the ferry. A light rain was falling – deju view all over again.
The fish market. If you look at the blurry part just above the young man's head, you will see one of our salmon being thrown to him for filleting. We had planned to stop in Seattle at Pike’s Place, a section of town with lots of shops and fresh fish and vegetables plus about anything else you can think of to buy. Picked up 5 pounds each of King, Coho, xxx salmon all packed for a 48 hour dash home.
Fishermen fishing on opening day in Washington. Heading south and looking for the first campground or park we could find, we saw a sign for The Wildrose Campground. It as quite a ways off the highway so when we got there we stayed (wet) even though it was a bit eclectic, kind of anti-Stepford.
Debbie shopping for vegetables. The fish market at Pike's Place in Seattle. Officer's with the best job in the world taking a break.
Crowded and busy! From the outside. This is fun!
Our last tunnel. The required camp ground squirrel.
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