Totem poles and salmon, day 27

Toteem poles. Today we headed towards Hazleton. Actually, there are 2 (maybe 3) Hazleton’s – the new and the old. We stopped short of Hazleton to look at some totem poles and were greeted by a friendly cat.The first thing we saw in Hazleton was a glass shop so we stopped to have the windshield fixed. Cost $44 Canadian.
Near Hazlelton. Hazleton has many totem poles and near Hazleton you will pass through Moricetown. Here the local First People or Aborigines as some call themselves, fish the Skeena river for salmon using nets. Not really fishing – more like catching. Over 5 million salmon run up the Skeena each year.
Netting salmon. The day we watched, they were catching, tagging and releasing. As far as I know, there is no limit to what the First People can catch.Tonight we camped at Dave’s RV and finally got showers!
Near Hazlelton. Keith and the kitty.  
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