Bear Glacier, day 26

Mom and two cubs start across highway. We pulled out about 7:45am heading south on the Cassiar Highway. We snapped a photo at Gnat Pass Summit, 4,072 feet and Mt. Edziza (9,000 ft. volcano).
C'mon kids! The Cassiar Highway is a beautiful way south, some gravel and a pretty narrow road especially on the northern end. Some traffic but tall mountains, lakes and lots to see. We passed 4 black bears along the way.
Our stop for lunch were we decided to head toward Stewart and to come back here to camp later on in the day. At Meziadin Junction we turned toward Steward to see the Bear Glacier which at one time touched the highway. The blue ice of the exposed end and the water pouring from was incredible.
Mountains towards Steward. We turned back to camp at The Meziadin Lake Provincial Park (dry) where we had a site 10 feet from the lake. We had a nice fire and cocktails. We watched a beaver taking home fast food and we had chili bean burgers.
Bear Glacier. We also learned 3.84 liters make a gallon (from one Debbie’s many cookbooks) so now I can figure out some mileage.
A hanging glacier. Another view of Bear Glacier. One of our best camps.
Another hanging glacier. A beaver taking home a snack. Debbie’s report on the Bear Glacier.

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