Dawson City, day 23

Junction - north to Eagle, west to the border. We stopped by the Post Office on the way out of Chicken to mail post cards and then headed towards the Top of the World Highway and the Yukon Territory.
Most northernly border post in North America. Climbing up, up, up we came to a turnout showing some of the of the 40 mile Caribou herd’s territory. The herd now numbers about 20,000 from a known population of 500,000. Killed off by hunters, predators and possible weather the herd dropped to 10,000 before starting to comeback.
The US/Canada border. We came to the border crossing with the highest post office in North America, and kept climbing on the Top of the World Highway (4,515 ft.). We pulled off at an interesting rock point with a great view (W140.77996 N64.10164 at 3,750 feet elevation). We discovered the point was a great place for producing multiple echoes or yodeling if you prefer.
Keith atop Echo Rock (discovered by Debbie and Keith) Since this position is not in the Milepostguide, we claim the rock to be Debbie and Keith’s Echo Rock. I am reasonable convinced also that we were the first Sportsmobile Sprinter across the Top of the World.
The Sprinter from Echo Rock. The highway continued on dropping as we went, then climbing and dropping again. As we approached Dawson City, we found the Top of the World Golf Course. Traveling the world’s longest driveway we checked out the course.
Range of the 40 Mile Caribou Herd. Next we crossed the Yukon River on a small ferry (lots of current and mud due to all the rain) and found our campground (wet).Skip, who was also at the campground, convinced me to accompany him the one of the local watering holes at The Downtown Hotel. The bar offered us a chance join that long sought club membership, that premier group of adventurers, that one-of-a-kind devil may care explorer society by kissing a severed human toe.
Keith and the toe. I was prepared for this adventure with a delightful pasta with garlic and broccoli dinner. My experiences with several unnamed Army buddies (ok, I will name them – Jim Butler, Larry Kimmel, Richard Brokhausen and other members of the exclusive CCN band of brothers also prepared me for an event of this importance.)
The toe. Some of the pictures here might not be suitable for frail, weak or otherwise gentle persons or girly men. The toe tasted slightly like chicken with just a hit of Madagascar cinnamon and Vietnamese nuc-mam. And is all I will say about that.
Video of the partial range of the 40 Mile Caribou herd. Our camp at Dawson City. Dawson
.The ferry across the Yukon. The Top of the World Golf Course.
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