Chicken, day 22

The road to Chicken. Today we are heading through Tok, the only city you see coming and going to Alaska if driving. At Tok, we turned north, this time towards Chicken, Alaska.
The US Post Office at Chicken. On the way there we saw another moose and just out of Chicken the highway turned to dirt (we did over 600 miles of dirt road on this trip). We checked into the campground (dry) and met a fellow camper, USCG (ret.) Skip who had cocktails with us. Skip is on the same route as us until Whitehorse.
The road to Chicken. The three main building in Chicken, a gift shop, bar and restaurant that are built on quite a slant due to permafrost. We shopped for souvenirs and went back to camp. We had a stir-fry of Bok Choy, Snow Peas and Bell Peppers (see Debbie’s recipes, soon to come . . . )
Our camp in Chicken. We played Scrabble that night and at the end of the game (which I let Debbie win) she protested the first word I spelled (er, misspelled).
The Scrabble game Debbie protested as the first word (mine) was wrong. During the night there was a heavy frost, the first of the season and another sign summer is over. I had put some of our gear that had gotten wet out to dry and it ended up even more wet.
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