Driving by stick

Flick up, flick up. Flick up.

Flick down.

Flick down.

Ahhh, I have matched the speed of the person in from of me. No foot on the throttle. In fact the feet are moving to Huey Lewis.

I love driving by stick. Cruise control on the Sprinter. The little arm that sticks out from the steering wheel on the left. Set it for 65 (my speedometer reads about 2 miles high), sit back and enjoy. It will control most hills, up and down (9999 mpg says the Scan Gauge) and give you the chance to do some dancing – or at least aggressive foot taping.

If you don’t use cruise control, you should. I think it is one of the most effective ways to control mileage and it gives you a bit of freedom.

I’m getting thirsty. The road is smooth, cruise control on – think I can get to the refrig? It is right behind me . . . just a little more . . .

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