Finishing the brake job

the guilty partyAfter stripping out the rotor screw I put everything back together with the new brake pads. I called MB to order a part and was treated with the usual distain so I called Dodge. The part was ordered ($1.83) – I ordered two just in case. Of course by the time I do the brakes again, I will have no idea where the extra one is.

The part came in on time and I waited for a cooler day to finish the job of putting on a new rotor.

This time I did tap the head a couple of times with a hammer and punch. I drilled out the head and using a #4 (10mm) Pro GraBit backed the screw out with no problems. I had bought a tool to compress the pistons but as thesethe removed screw were new brake pads, there was no problem with that but at least I will have the tool for next time. For me other than this stripped out screw, pushing the pistons back was the hardest part of the brake job.

Since this was the third time in a week I had taken a wheel off and pulled the pads I am getting pretty good and fast and a future brake job will be much easier.

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