The big sliding door

As Sprinter owners know, our sliding door is much larger than most and so is the opening. Sometimes you want to keep the opening smaller . . . camping with mosquitoes, don’t want the sun shinning on your carpet, cabinets or couch, don’t want everyone in the parking lot to see inside . . . lots of reasons.

Tennis BallThat is why Sprinter has an option, code GXQ SLIDING DOOR TWO-STAGE OPENING/CLOSING, that allows your door to open part way. Sportsmobile also rigs a pin and cable up to stop the door from opening. I wanted it but they talked me out of it – thank goodness.

In the picture you will see my solution. Just a normal tennis ball though it would be a little better if it were a flat one. Every time I am loading the sun is glaring down on the back of part of cabinetry – I have about 2 feet that sticks out into the door space. I know the sun can fade things quickly so I started looking for a solution. One of my main criteria for solutions is that it comes from my garage without a trip to buy something. Looking around in the garage, next to the hardly used tennis rackets, I found this.

There ya’ go!

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