ISIS is an ideology. War cannot defeat it.

ISIS is an ideology and war will not defeat it –

A very thoughtful article by Abraham Miller.

The flag of ISIS.

Even the most hawkish battle plan of hitting ISIS from both north and south with boots on the ground and expanding the air war will not conquer it. It will become like the once-outlawed Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, operating in secret, waiting patiently to resurface.

Obama made the perfunctory and the politically-correct disclaimer that ISIS is not about Islam. ISIS is about Islam. It is not our neighbors’ Islam. It is not the Islam that most Muslims practice. ISIS is the outgrowth of some spiritual need that has taken root in parts of the Islamic world.

Further on you find . . .

A competing ideology will defeat ISIS, but it will not be one produced by infidels. ISIS is a product of the fundamentalism sweeping through the Islamic world, incited, in part, and paid for by our Arab coalition partners. We now ask them to destroy the very thing they helped create.

And finally . . .

The long-run solution to ISIS and groups like it will have to be found in Islam. You cannot fight a virulent ideology without a counter ideology. You can’t fight a religious ideology by denying its existence. And we can win battles, but we will not win this war, for truly their capacity to die far exceeds our capacity to kill them.

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