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Another sign of recession: Fewer babies
That’s what Marilynn  Marionche, from the Associated Press reported. I would have thought just the opposite. No job, hanging around the house, can’t afford to buy a new X-Box game and suddenly one of those commercials where painting the room turns into a luxury beach resort. The idea light bulb appears above your head and bingo! It’s free entertainment time!

Also from the AP
California is to get $1.2 Billion from the Feds. U. S  Education Secretary Arne Duncan said the money will help save or create an estimated 16,500 jobs in California. Did the Chinese just send a shipping container filled with money or did the U.S. print some more. I do recall we are in hock up to our chins so I am not sure how this works. Oh, I like teachers to have jobs. It is a great deal for them and the children but . . . technically, you can’t physically spend what you don’t physically have so the money comes from other countries, like our Chinese buddies, or we just throw the switch and print more.

Finally (This also from the AP – they get a lot of news it seems.)
A former U.S. Army analyst (I am not sure what that is – on TV they do fancy classified work.) was arrested (While at the airport getting ready to board a one-way flight to China, for carrying multiple data storage devices. One contained a restricted Army field manual. Carl Yang previously had had his security clearance revoked due to security violations. He was charged with stealing government property – a misdemeanor. What was on the other devices? When are we finally going to charge one of these schmucks with treason? Since Hanoi Jane we have been letting people off the hook. This guy (A Chinese nationalist BTW.) was spying on us!  And how did he get his original security clearance?

and the beat goes on . . .

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