Happy 22nd Anniversary

Twenty-two years ago we were married in Santa Barbara and what fun we have had!

WeddingCakeFrom the proposal on the night time deck of a dive boat anchored off Santa Cruz Island, we have partied at Hogmanay in Scotland, wrestled with gargoyles at the top of Notre Dame, held Koala bears, swam with dolphins, seals and bat-rays. We have see a perfect baseball game, had a white Christmas in Dublin, Ireland, and watched lava meet the ocean.

We have searched the world for the perfect martini and in doing so have been as far north beyond the Arctic Circle, as far south as Christ Church, New Zealand, as deep as 120 feet under the sea and as high as to 14,000+ feet above it.

 We have played under the world’s tallest trees and on the tundra where trees can’t grow and been -40 f. to +119 f.

 And the “bucket list” . . . India, the Arctic Ocean, Nova Scotia, and anywhere the Sprinter can take us.

 Definitely an excellent adventure!

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