Who is buying the oil ISIS sells?

A Newsweek investigation this month placed the average going rate for ISIS oil at $40 per barrel, reporting that oil sales are providing ISIS with around $2.5 million a day, IHS [an energy research consultancy] estimates, but at a discount price.

Lets do the math on that. $2.5 million divided by $40=62,500 barrels of oil. A barrel of oil is 42 gallons. So now we have 2,625,000 gallons of oil being sold every day and it has to be moved by truck or pipeline. How is that possible? That would be roughly 525 truck loads per day. And if it is by pipeline, who is at the receiving end?oildrum

With our technology we can’t see 525 trucks per day? Probably half coming from Kirkuk, Iraq? Come on – its not like it’s in someone’s suitcase! There aren’t a lot of roads and highways over there. Some of the pipelines just lay on the ground and even if buried they are years and years old and we should know where they are.

What is going on? Clearly one of our so-called allies is screwing the pooch.

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