Tibet protestors surprised by Chinese reaction

I watched a short interview with the four from Students for a Free Tibet. They traveled to Tibet and on the slopes of Mt. Everest displayed a banner reading “One World, One Dream, Free Tibet 2008” in English, and “Free Tibet” in Tibetan and Chinese.

In the interview they expressed surprise that the Chinese would treat them as the Chinese did. They were separated, interrogated at length, deprived of sleep and in at least one case threatened. And they were surprised? I think that they are fortunate they just didn’t disappear some where along the trail. What did they think the Chinese would do? Do they not study or read or go to movies or talk to anyone?

Well, kids, in case you don’t know, if you protest in many countries like China, Russia, Syria, Iran, North Korea, etc. you may very possibly be locked up forever or killed.

They won’t care that you filmed the event and people know you are there. And they won’t care you are American with “rights.” That probably get you even more unwanted attention. So, the next time you go, leave your will, say goodbyes and don’t be surprised if you never see the sun again.

That’s the real price of freedom.

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