Spending economic stimulus money – a no brainer

Every year I sit watching the news in the evening. Every winter I hear the same reports – 250,000 without power here; 90,00 without power there; lines down with freezing rain everywhere. Not only do I hear this every winter but I hear it multiple times each winter (and sometimes in the summer). How much does it cost to continually repair power lines? How much productivity is lost? This technology goes back to

Funny thing. Where I live the power never goes out because of bad weather! THE POWER LINES ARE UNDER GROUND! Hello!

Ok, it’s true here in my part of California there isn’t any mid-west or east-coast weather but if there were, our power lines would not come crashing down.

Can you see where I am going? Bury the power lines. All of them. Draw a line between Dallas and Fayetteville, NC. Any city, town, village north of that line will bury the lines. Set a goal – two years tops. That way people will have to hire to get it done in time. Problems? Sure but most of the rights-of -ways are already established for utilities. Environmental study – wave it. Other lines are all ready buried – water, gas, sewer – we are just adding to it. It should take about 5 minutes of debate.

There is no logical reason we should continue using technology from 2 centuries ago when with an investment of stimulus funds could pay to bring us into the 21st Century. We would create thousands and thousands of jobs and I wouldn’t have to have deja vu every winter. The country would be much better prepared for what Mother Nature is throwing at us. It would look better. Jobs would be created, quickly. Start when the snow thaws.

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