Great American Road Trip – NBC

Thanks to NBC many viewers of the Great America Road Trip will come away thinking RVers are idiots.

I don’t know where they got these people but remarks like the one from the stereotypical Yonkers guy, Silvio seems to be about par for the show.

This is the Midwest? Bunch of frigging farms and corn fields.

Did these people get any lessons on an RV?I won’t be surprised if some innocent bystander gets killed by one of these drivers rolling down Route 66 in their Class A motor homes. Silvio apparently can’t drive so his wife gets the duty and Lenny (from another NY family) seems content to roll along about 55 mph no matter what . . .

So will I watch it? Of course! I have the same warped sense of humor, shallowness and attention span of most Nielson families. This is prime time!

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