They think we are idiots because we act like idiots

Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon R. England’s close aide is Hasham Islam, a Muslim who is leading efforts for the Defense Department’s outreach to Muslim groups. What the effort really is, either accidental or on purpose, is a misguided attempt to reach out to Muslims, regardless of their views or beliefs in Muslim extremism.

Clearly Secretary England, the number 2 man in the Defense Department, does not understand the nature of the Islamics that are working against us. Indeed, one of the Muslim Brotherhood front groups, the Islamic Society of North America, leaders were hosted by Mr. England in April at the Pentagon. Does he have a clue?

This attempt to reach out, be inclusive, tolerant and doggone just nice has kept military and civilian officials from conducting much needed assessments of how Muslim extremist are operating. To do so might involve examining Muslim religious beliefs and that is totally taboo. We wouldn’t want someone to feel bad would we?

In the meantime, Stephen Coughlin, an Islamic law specialist for the Joint Staffs, is being criticized for not taking a softer stand against extremist. Accused of being a Christian extremist with a pen, in a classic counter maneuver of “make counter accusations” we are once again taking our eye off the ball or sword as it may be and looking inward instead of outward.

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