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Iraqi Security Forces Take Huge Steps Forward
Washington — Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) have taken “huge steps forward” in growing and moving toward independent operations, a senior commander in Iraq said yesterday.

And they’ve made this progress despite fighting a war on their own soil and working through an immature bureaucracy, said British Army Brigadier S. M. Gledhill, deputy commanding general for the Multi-National Security Transition Command – Iraq. The command is charged with helping the Iraqis to organize, man and equip their force and to develop the ministries of Defense and Interior.

 5 honored for Iraq heroism
Ft. Bragg, NC — Their stories could be the scripts to a Hollywood movie.

Five soldiers. Five acts of heroism. Five Silver Stars.

China’s show of strength ups military ante
Large-scale air and naval maneuvers off China’s southeast coast last week demonstrated the post-17th Party Congress leadership’s determination to project hard power in view of tension in the Taiwan Strait.

The week-long war games, which coincided with Beijing’s sudden cancellation of the USS Kitty Hawk battle group’s Hong Kong port call, are also meant to convey Beijing’s displeasure with Washington’s recent decision to sell weapons to Taiwan and to honor the Dalai Lama.

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