Adding a spare tire to the Travato

The Winnebago Travato does not come with a spare. Some have no problem with this. Some do and have come up with various options. Our Travato came with a bike rack and since we already had a hitch mounted bike rack in the rare event we needed one I decided to use the stock rack to mount a spare.

This is the stock bike rack frame turned upside down, trimmed and re-drilled for the new purpose. I trimmed 3″ off the top of each side and drilled holes 4″ down and added a slot 19-3/8 inches down. I had to Drimmel the bottom plastic seats so the rack would be flush in the new position.

Here is a list of parts:

  1. Superstrut “B” channel 2 x 30” (I had to buy 120” and cut it myself.)
  2. 4 – 1” Pipe clamps Superstrut Z703 1
  3. 3 Cone steel nuts (Comes in pkg of 5 Thomas&Betts ZCM1003/8-10)
  4. 3 Partially threaded bolts (2” grip x ¼” x 3” (Lowes 63327)
  5. 4 Strut end caps for “B” channel (Comes in package of 2 Thomas&Betts SECB-B2-10)
  6. Flat washers x 3
  7. Lock washers x 3
  8. Promaster steel wheel and tire to fit
  9. Tire cover

Never trust any one else’s measurements. Measure everything yourself! There are different parts that can do the same thing. If you can find a better way, use it! This has not had the test of time or California highways. Just saying.

4 thoughts on “Adding a spare tire to the Travato”

  1. This has been on now for over a year with no problems. I am taking it off soon to paint it black – something I should have done in the beginning.


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