Put’n up with Putin

As a  product of the “duck and cover” drills from elementary school I can say in those days, “the only good Commie was a dead Commie.”

For those who did not witness the shoe banging at the UN or head for the hills during the Cuban Missile Crisis, your chance to get to know how it was is approaching with the speed of a Russki ICBM.

The problem was always money with the USSR. Not enough of it. They had to buy wheat, oil, sugar and almost anything other than vodka and weapons. Now, although the USSR is gone (but still alive in the minds of many) Russia has money. Lots of money. And controlling pipelines of oil and gas into Europe, power. Lots of power.

It is no surprise that Condi Rice was taken aback when Putin basically told her to buzz off. Her only experience at negotiations has been when she has all the aces. Now there is a new deck and a new dealer. Putin isn’t going away. Just because a little thing like the Russian constitution says he is to relinquish power doesn’t mean it will happen.

We are back to having a real thorn in our side, a burr under the saddle, a pain in the neck.

Iran wins security pledge at Putin Summit Get ready for a lot more of this. If we say it is up, Putin will say it is down. If we support one country, Putin will support their enemy. If we smile, Putin will frown.

Like it or not, the cold war is back.

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