American Airlines fiasco

Obviously, no one at American or at the FAA have heard of risk mitigation or something else is the real agenda. In risk mitigation you have to balance the chance of a certain event happening against the cost/inconvenience of defending against it.

American estimates that more than 100 passengers would have been on each canceled flight. That means a quarter-million people have been inconvenienced this week.

American officials said the safety of their planes was never jeopardized, and the FAA said no serious incidents have been blamed on poorly bundled wires.

The wires had been bundled. They use spacers around the bundles to hold them away from the surface and the spacers were there. Problem – there was too much room between the spacers. So the FAA flunked AA fixes and there you go.

Could the FAA given them more time thus allowing a semi-orderly fix without effecting so many people? How far down the line was the decision made?

Could American Airlines have appealed through the courts or political channels? Or is this a chance to cause the FAA many problems?

I can hardly wait for the Congressional hearing on this.

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