Smart guys who don’t know very much – General Odom

The problem I think started with the media, maybe even FOX. In the search for information about the war in Iraq they started looking for military experts. Suddenly, any guy in a uniform was an expert on what we’re doing in Iraq.

I loved it when they interviewed an Air Force General or Navy Admiral about the tactics and strategies in Iraq. That was like asking a dog catcher (no disrespect meant to the dog catcher) about construction on the Bay Bridge.

Now of course there is General Odom. Wow, a general in the Army and a West Pointer – he must know everything! Problem is, Odom knows nothing about the war in Iraq.

He is typical liberal professor – never had a real job but knows all about the working man. Just read his bio – no combat (he was a LTC in VN in a Saigon staff job), not Infantry but Intelligence and school after school after school.

Its time we stopped listening to these experts pontificating on that they know nothing about. Odom was never a military man. He is political as Ramsey Clark and has just about as much credibility.

Put the uniform away General. Leave tactics and strategies to people who actually know something about terrorism and fighting a war.

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