60 is the new 40 – Not! And older than 60 sucks

Let me start with an apology. I know there are many soldiers out there much worse off than I. My wounds are mainly from nature except perhaps for the mental wounds I am working my way through.

My complaint is against aging – not the act of it but the fact of it. If I close my eyes I see a 30 year old Green Beret Captain and when I open them . . . well I will spare you the description.

I think today was especially damaging to the legend I am in my own mind. A real nice gentleman from the Philippines fixed me up with a heart monitor. Now no one did this when I was 20, or 30, or 40 so that leads me to believe this is something that happens to more senior folks. No one has really explained why – or maybe I didn’t hear them – yet another problem that seemed to appear in the past few years.

On the bright side old music (not that old, sorry Tony) is great and I am listening to Grease, Dire Straits and Creedence like I haven’t for years. Maybe it is the Zune I got for Christmas – you can go back and download music year by year – a great trip to the past.

I guess I am especially upset that I most likely won’t see the end of Radical Islam; the first on Mars (I keep telling the grandkids that they could be the one), the death of Rap, or Al Gore admitting he didn’t invent Global Warming and who ever did was an idiot.

On the bright side, I will see the end of Murtha, and John Kerry. Differences in politics are expected but these gentlemen are so nasty about it. I understand Murtha and Kerry; they are running from their past. Ghosts have a way of catching up with you and they always tell the truth. They can’t outrun them.

Well, enough of this. After all … “tomorrow is another day.”

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