Where did the Peace-niks come from?

As of late I have been perusing several popular (at least for some) websites. All of them have the same message – Bush is an idiot and Cheney is even worse (I’d like to know how many really voted).

Where did American’s go? Of course they all claim that since this is American they can say anything and think anything they want to – hmmm, and the last resort of a pseudo intellectual, and speaking of the brain children, many of them prefer to drown you in clichés and rhetoric garbage that comes from the 40’s (that’s 1940’s) when Lenin was popular. They think they are being original yet they spout the same party line as many before them.

If the country is headed somewhere the people disagree with then they vote their displeasure. To resort to calling the President names and threaten him with harm will result in nothing except jail time for those so inclined. Call your congressman, write your congresswoman, go visit Washington. There are many paths you can take that will 1.) make a difference and 2.) not provide aid and comfort to the enemy. Is Iraq like Vietnam?

Most of these nay sayers know nothing of the cost of war and especially know nothing of the cost of peace. They are part of the generations that have been taught “no violence, dear. We can always work thing out with dialogue.” These pacifists (or moral cowards as I prefer to call them) then take the deaths of others upon themselves. They are morally responsible when others die that they might live in their Neverland.

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