What will you do if a killer comes?

First, not to fear. The chances of a killer coming to one of us is very, very small. Life style make a big difference. Where you live and where you drive make a difference. Weather, sports, politics all make a difference

The folks in Orlando did what everybody’s first reaction is. They ran. If they couldn’t then they hid. Then just waited while more people were shot around them.

I am not criticizing them. One only knows how they will react after finding themselves in a situation like this. And these were young folks. They had only seen things like this on TV. A little panic goes a long way.

The normal reaction when cornered for most animals is to fight. But for humans it seems it is acceptance. We shut down. For some almost like going into shock. We need to change.

We fight Cancer and other diseases on a personal level. The passengers of United Airlines Flight 93, fought back against the hijackers. We need to fight against a killer.

If death is imminent we have to overcome the fear and attack. The shooter will have to shoot me while I am coming for him not while I am laying on the floor.

I see photos of people being shot while they kneeled and waited for it. The Khmer Rouge (which never had more that 50,000 fighters) executed over 1,000,000 people. They had some stand in line and club the person in front of them.

Why? Stand up. Spit in their eye. C’mon folks, lets roll.

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