Touring model homes

Yesterday driving back from a visit we decided to look at a couple of new model homes. We do this from time to time to see if there are any cool new things in the kitchen and to see how a real designer might re-do our home.

All the new neighborhoods have Italian names. Or a least they sound Italian – they all end with an A or an O. Not a lot of marble but I think I heard L’Italiano being sung in the background.

The most surprising thing we found was a map showing how many homes, schools and parks would be spread across the hills and dales when/if the market comes back. Thousands of homes! I am glad someone can see into the future or is it just a wish (for some a nightmare).

Nothing spectacular in the homes. One was three story with a loft (optional 6th bedroom) on the top floor. It seems instead of adding things like saunas, wine/food storage or an extra small kitchen, the trend is to just add more bedrooms and bathrooms. It seems we have a lot of extended families around us and while the extra bedrooms are good, a separate entrance and small kitchen might work better for some.

The painting in all is basically dark, browns and depressing grays. Dark wood floors also. No one it seems likes the light, airy look that for us seems to be happier.

One had a three car tandem garage. Can you image that nightmare. I would venture to say you’ll be moving cars multiple times a day because the one you need will always be in front of the others.

Not one had what I want though – a garage tall enough for the Sprinter!

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