Operation Rolling Thunder
and ISIS.

USAF Republic F-105D Thunderchiefs receive fuel from a Boeing KC-135A Stratotanker on their way to targets in North Vietnam, December 1965.

Operation Rolling Thunder was our misguided attempt to dissuade North Vietnam from supplying guerrillas of the National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam (NLF) who were attempting to topple the American friendly and American supported South Vietnamese Government.

864,000 tons of American bombs had been dropped on North Vietnam during Rolling Thunder, compared with 653,000 tons dropped during the entire Korean War and 503,000 tons in the Pacific theater during the Second World War.

And guess what. It didn’t work.

We underestimated the resolve and tenacity of the North Vietnamese leaders and people. And Washington ran the show dictating which targets, when, and even the number and types of aircraft and the tonnages and types of ordnance utilized. Sometimes even the direction of the attack.[27]

Fast-forward 47 years and here we go again. Trying to bomb ISIS into submission at an estimated cost of $10 million per day.

During Operation Rolling Thunder 1,084 were killed, captured, or missing and 938 aircraft were lost. When will we loose the first American pilot bombing ISIS?

Will it be worth it?

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